Parfums Mugler and Azzaro (Clarins Group) announced that it will produce alcohol for use in perfumes in a more ecological and sustainable way.

Since the 1980s, the Group wants to include a responsible approach to development and innovation. The “responsible alcohol” project aims to promote biodiversity in agricultural practices, with the great advantage of a local production and a short circuit between the harvest and transformation sites.

Like this, at its production site, located on the Remicourt farm in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, the companies are developing a balanced and ideal ecosystem for beetroots, which are used in perfumed alcohol, to protect and regenerate the environment.

As part of the “responsible alcohol” initiative, companies planted specially selected trees and shrubs in an agro-forestry model with 2209 trees planted in 2016 in environmental partnership with PUR Projet, which continues in 2017. The partnership has been in progress since 2011 , with Clarins also collaborating with PUR Projet in reforestation and ecological projects in China, Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil.

“Luxury according to Clarins Fragrance Group is based on a bold, long-term view of the world, where making each day wondrous and transmitting a heritage to future generations coexist. This luxury is resolutely committed to the planet, without compromising the emotions and dreams that our creations bring. This pioneering project is in perfect keeping with our ongoing commitment,” Sandrine Groslier, President of Clarins Fragrance Group.