Colgate-Palmolive launched vegan certified toothpaste, which comes in a recyclable tube, as opposed to traditional tubes, made from a mixture of plastic and aluminum, which makes recycling impossible.

The new Smile for Good brand, certified by the Vegan Society, comes in a tube made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

“Colgate wants to make tubes part of the circular economy, keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste,” said Noel Wallace, chief executive of Colgate-Palmolive, in a statement.

Company research has revealed that more than 20 billion disposable tubes are thrown away every year.
“Colgate wants to make tubes a part of the circular economy by keeping this plastic productive and eliminating waste,” Colgate-Palmolive’s chief executive, Noel Wallace, said in a statement.

“If we can standardize recyclable tubes among all companies, we all win. We can align on these common standards for tubes and still compete with what’s inside them.”

The new toothpaste costs about £ 5 a 75 ml tube in the UK. The company also launched the first bamboo toothbrush, which is made with a 100% biodegradable bamboo handle and is free from plastic packaging.”