Partner of a forest foundation – SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation – since 1997, Colgate-Palmolive reinforces its environmental compromise sponsoring the initiative of the Mata Atlantica Conservation Alliance (a partnership between the SOS Mata Atlantica Foundation and the International Conservation), the 6° Reporting Award about Mata Atlantica Biodiversity. The concourse has obtained this year 103 reports on the print category and 68 on the TV category. 
“We have an environmental responsible actuation for many years. For us, it is fundamental to contribute in an initiative that recognizes and incentive the Brazilian journalist works in favors of the most treated biome of the country. Besides, the award promotes the environmental journalism in Brazil, it foment the reporting production about Mata Atlantica biodiversity and recognizes the professional excellence of journalists that covers environmental themes”, explains Peter Dam, Colgate-Palmolive´s president.
Since 1997, part of the products sales of the SORRISO Herbal line is designed to the SOS Mata Atlantica foundation in order to promote Mata Atlantica´s  preservation and recover actions – which today doesn’t reaches 7,3% of its original area – besides the environmental education promotion. Among the several projects developed, it highlights the Miniforests Sorriso Herbal, the Center Tuzino of Environmental and Diffusion Education of Palm and the Atlas of the districts of  SOS Mata Atlantica.
Also it is result of this partnership the creation of the ClubEco SORRISO Herbal, an ecological club formed by voluntary work of the Colgate-Palmolive employees, which aligned with the objectives of the Foundation, works to touch about the importance of the Mata Atlantica reforestation. The actions of the ClubEco are realized through the implantation of Mata Atlantica vivarium of native species on the company’s installations and on the diffusion of the preservation principles of the environment to all of the visitors, colleagues, friends and, mainly, students of the public net of the fundamental schooling.