BASF, a leading chemical company, has collaborated with the world’s largest color specialist Pantone® Color Institute to announce the Spring / Summer 2019 color forecast.

The company says it has worked with Pantone to develop regional color palettes and highlight the brand’s pigments to develop regional color palettes and highlight the effect pigments of Colors & Effects brand along with textures, concepts and formulations.

The forecast named “Ahead of Time” was created to inspire global manufacturers of cosmetic brands and lifestyle brand products. It is the first time that BASF will show a color trend twice a year, separating the disclosures by the seasons: Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter. The idea is to be increasingly aligned with the trends of the fashion and beauty industries to support customers in the development of their products.

“As a leader in the pigment industry, we are always working to deliver inspiring color trends based on extensive research on fashion trends and consumer trends,” said Diane Jansson, Global Business Manager for Effect Pigments for Cosmetics at BASF. “By partnering with Pantone, providing a biannual forecast of trends, we have strengthened our commitment and reach to help customers create products that reinforce their brands and dazzle consumers.”

BASF’s Spring / Summer 2019 pallets are grouped into two collections: Haven and Masterpiece, each with different inspirations. “Haven collection for Spring is inspired by the mind-boggling rhythm of today’s modern world,” said Jansson. “It offers translucent gradients, pearly and prismatic greenish blue luster and metallic textures that add a refined look, plus built-in assets that offer multifunctional benefits and protection against pollutants and allergies. It also offers formulations for products like bases, shadows and lip comfort.”

The Summer 2019 collection, Masterpiece, offers individual customization. “Effect pigments are inspired by natural textures such as wood grain, scintillating sands and crude minerals, as well as art materials such as cream ink, glass gel and ceramic enamel.”

“The Masterpiece collection plunges us into the beauty of artistic nature,” said Jansson. “The shades of reddish blue and blue-green flow alongside golden sand tones and lush floral hues of red, pink and mauve.”