Hello readers,

We are leaving on vacation until early January to rebalance energies and the cosmeticos br will be undergoing through optimizations as well.

But we will leave online a retrospective of interesting people who have pass to our pages in this closing decade, bringing their livings and information about the market.

We will also leave cool news and releases for you to find on the homepage, or searching our menu.

And here we leave here, since now, our greeting for the new decade:

For the decade that is going away, a lot of life has passed, a lot of creation, learning, love and dedication to what we do. This is how we grow up.

We wish all market professionals more than success and prosperity, a little patience, calmness and the understanding that we are all differents, every day we have – and others – ups and downs. On the understanding is that there is progress.

May the new decade come full of news, rescued values, love, health and passion!

Happy Holidays!! Happy 2020 !!!

We are very happy to continue together, exchanging information with you. Many hugs …