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More than 300 exhibitors from almost 30 countries participated in this year’s Cosmopack. They represented the entire supply chain of the cosmetics industry—from raw materials to technologically advanced machinery, from the latest packaging innovations to formulas and textures produced by contract manufacturers.

From velvet press-on nail strips to eyelash extension machines, a one-piece molded nail polish brush to a giant Dead Sea plunge tank complete with a bather, the event provides discoveries at every turn—and something for everyone.

One of Baralan’s innovations was Twist-it, a cap with an applicator for nail polish equipped with a patented system to regulate the length of the bristles. With a simple rotation, the ring at the top allows the user to modify the length of the bristles from short to long. Long bristles allow for a wider application, to cover the whole nail at once, while the shorter bristles are good for a slimmer radius or for perfect finishing touches. The cap fits on all of Baralan’s standard bottles, and the main part of the cap and the ring can be molded in various colors.

At Bisioprogetti, another nail polish brush caught eye. This one was a single-piece injection molded brush that’s recyclable and made from a low-cost PP material. With applications in cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical fields, the brush is molded in an ISO7 clean room, and the filaments can be manufactured and placed in various geometries other than the traditional round or linear configurations. What’s more, a patented system prevents the common problem of the cap separating from the brush.

Brushes were also in abundance when it came to cosmetics. With makeup sales on the rise, especially in the prestige market, packaging suppliers were keeping ahead of stride with a wide variety of options, from specialized brushes for everything from foundation and mascara, to applicators with on/off systems.

divineLASHES. presents discontinuous disks, which can hold an extra-large portion of formula that can be applied lash by lash.

Joycos exhibited an interesting  retractable makeup brush: a brush within a brush; twist the handle and a smaller brush emerges from the larger one, twist back for the full, large brush head.

Joycos also highlighted a number of airless designs, including an airless compact for liquid foundation. Just press on the disc and the foundation is dispensed through a small hole. It is even refillable. 

                                                                HTC development

HCT and Pum-Tech have created an innovative “finger-free” cooling stock component that combines HCT’s patented Cooling Tip Technology with Pum-Tech’s Spot Series vertical airless pump, resulting in a component that’s ideal for complex skin care formulations.

Albéa’s acquisition of Rexam provides tube and pump solutions that deliver advance formula protection.

DieterBakicEnterprises was proudly showing off its three award-winning packaging lines for skin care, selected by the prestigious international iF Jury. CEO Dominic Bakic told Beauty Packaging that the Kyoto Line for Maria Galland, the Unity bottle cap and the Softsqueeze material for tottles had impressed the jury in the categories of packaging form design, research & development/professional concepts and packaging materials. The innovative Unity cap design brings a new dimension in opening and closing bottles. If the cap is turned, a disc is raised or lowered, releasing or sealing the opening in the cap. This replaces the traditional classic press and screw actions used to open a cap.