Cristiana Arcangeli has announced a new product line of its brand beauty’in ®, of functional foods, fortified with vitamins and proteins: Nutrabeauty ® line of supplements in capsule form, whose function is to nurture and care for the body, from the inside out.

The line hits the market in four versions: Nutrabeauty Oxiage, an antioxidant anti-aging; Nutrabeauty Hair & Nails, which cares health from the inside out, leaving hair and nails strong and healthy; Nutrabeauty Shapecontrol, which helps combat cellulite; and Nutrabeauty Reduction, which helps in burning fat.

The products contains vitamins (A, B1, B6, B12, C, D3, E and H) and chelate chromium for specific care and come in boxes of 60 capsules enough for  two months of treatment. Nutrabeauty ® hits  the market at a price of US$ 48,2.