Croda establishes overall goals certification in good of manufacturing practices of cosmetic raw materials and sustainable chain of palm oil.

The Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP or in English: GMP) is already implemented in various production plants of Croda globally and in the plant in Brazil, located in Campinas / SP. The certification was granted in August 2013 by BSI. Croda is the first company with this certification in Brazil and Latin America.

Furthermore, Croda Brazil as well as other units of the global company, will receive RSPO certification (RoundtableonSustainable Palm Oil), which is a nonprofit organization established to promote the production of sustainable palm oil produced according to a set environmental and social criteria in place since 2008 to ensure that the fundamental rights of former landowners, local communities, farmers and their families are respected and that no forest will be felled for the production of palm oil.

The company says the goal of its sustainability strategy is “fully support and work with industry to ensure sustainable sources of palm oil.” The overall goal of the Croda is that all production units be certified by 2017 and all its products derived from palm certified in the category ‘mass-balance’.