Data compiled by Kantar Worldpanel, which monitors 11,300 households nationwide on a weekly basis, showed that several basic items were no longer purchased in the analyzed period, such as personal hygiene products. The causes, according to the global specialist company in consumer behavior, were the aura of uncertainty that haunted the country because of the elections and of the uncertainties of the economy retracted the consumption of Brazilians in the first half of 2018 compared to the first six months of the year past.

Nearly 440,000 households stopped buying toilet paper in the study period – a fall of 0.8% in penetration. The toothpaste, which registered decline of 1.1%, failing to penetrate more than 600,000 homes. The shampoo had a fall of 1.8% of penetration, with the loss of more than 908 000 homes. And soap, a basic hygiene item, lost 0.9% penetration in 493,550 households in the country.

Kantar points out, however, that the products may have been stocked or purchased less than once every six months, indicating a reduction in purchase frequency.