Heidi Morawetz, one of Chanel’s most iconic makeup artists, died at the age of 79.

Designer of Rouge Noir enamel, used by Uma Thurman in ‘Pulp Fiction’, a blend of black and red and of the illuminator foundation Le Blanc, composed of witch hazel, silica powder and licorice extract and which also functions as a concealer, the make-up artist was a loyal contributor to Maison Chanel, where she worked for almost three decades alongside Dominique Moncourtois as Director of the luxury brand of Make-up Creation Studio.

Heidi_avecHeidi and Dominique: creation

Her career includes a collaboration with photographer Guy Bourdin in some of his campaigns in the 70s, which has attracted the attention of Yves Saint Laurent. The French designer entrusted to her with the creation of the company’s first line of makeup, sold from 1978 and that has inaugurated an important source of income for the company.

Rouge_NoirRouge Noir

Photographers Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Sarah Moon and Richard Avedon were other artists who relied on her clinical eye. Heidi Morawetz said, years after that her profession was key in a time when there were no digital retouching, everything had to be corrected with makeup before the photo.