Karl Lagerfeld, the acclaimed designer and creative director of Chanel died on Tuesday, a source at French fashion designer Chanel said. He was 85 years old.
Born in 1933, the influential German figure is best known for leading the luxury fashion houses Chanel and Fendi. Karl worked until his end.

He was reportedly admitted to the American hospital in Paris on Monday night. The cause of death is not yet known.

The Chanel house described the fashion veteran as “an extraordinary creative individual.” In a statement via Instagram, the company said that “Chanel House has benefited from its talent for all branding campaigns related to Fashion since 1987.”

He has also part of the perfume culture, since the visionary creations and perfumeries are entirely linked. He worked for the first time on the development of the first fragrance of Cloé, Vintage, in 1975, a heady white floral, according to the Fragrantica website, specialized in perfumery. At the same time he created Lagerfeld Classic before creating the KL duo in the 1980s. In the 1990s he developed Photo for Men and Sun Moon Stars for women, after which he launched the Kapsule Collection a decade later.

His brand returned to the olfactory scene a few years ago with For Him and For Her in 2014, and the line “Matières Premières”, launched last year.
In all, they have been 40 years in the development of fragrances, not all great successes, but alongside their highly acclaimed career as a designer, they contribute to his creator status. We related some of his fragrances to honor him:

Lagerfeld Classic, a 1986 scent, one of the best tobacco scents available to men.

Choe Lagerfeld, Karl is famous all over the world for his career in Chanel, but before working there he was the first fashion designer of Chloé. He worked on the development of the first brand fragrance, in 1975, simply named Chloé, a white floral bouquet that lent the green trend thanks to honeysuckle, hyacinth and narcissus, as well as the aldeídica head notes that provides strength to the floral bouquet.

Karleidoscop Karl Lagerfeld, 2011, composed by the perfumer Christophe Raynould, with violet theme, which for Lagerfeld represented all the facets of the woman. The outer packaging was designed with a real kaleidoscope disc at one end of the cylinder-shaped carton, echoing Lagerfeld’s feelings. Fresh and with a male footprint, the fragrance brings the aroma of Violet, followed by Patchouli, Fava Tonka, Benzoin and Musk, emitting an oriental, spicy vibe.

Chanel released a statement attributing Virginie Viard, director of the studio and right arm of the designer for more than 30 years, the functions of the stylist.