In spite of the unfavorable economic scenario of the country, a research of ABEVD – Brazilian Association of Direct Selling – pointed out that on 2° quarter of the year, from April to June , there was a 2,4% growth on the channel, compared to the same period of 2014 and to the first quarter of the year, which had a drop of 1,0% compared to 2014. Cosmetics and Personal Care sector is the one that most leverages the channel in Brazil, with 84,1% of sales in the country.

In the first quarter of 2015 Direct Sales channel has registered R$ 19,5 billion in business volume, a 0,7% growth in comparison to same period in the previous year, among companies, associated or not to ABEVD.

Study still points out that the number of direct resellers– autonomous actuating professionals – goes stable with around 4,5 million people. For the association the diversification of the segment is the main factor to leverage the selling channel and make it more and more attractive for people with entrepreneur profile.

“Direct Sales enable that any people have the opportunity to generate income, and this makes that this growth happens, even in more complicated moments in our economy”, says Roberta Kuruzu, ABEVD executive director.

According to World Federation of Direct Selling Associations – WFDSA, research made this year with 2014 data points out that Brazil occupies the 5° position in the direct sales ranking and is part of the group of countries that concentrates 61% of the sector´s invoice on direct sales, behind only United States, China, Japan and Korea.

ABEVED research showed that in the last four years the channel has registered a 6,7% growth. Cosmetics and Personal Care sector is the one that most leverages the market of direct sale in the country, followed by the ones of welfare products, with 6,7%, house articles and long wear products (4,1%) and clothes and accessories (3,4%).

Other examples of categories traded by companies of direct sale channel are: fashion articles, nutrition products, books, household products, pet lines, travel packs and online courses.