Dow, a global chemical company and provider of social and sustainable actions, is one of the partners of Nau dos Mestres, a teaching project that combines science and art, where the contents and materials are organized according to four great masters of science and mythology : Leonardo Da Vinci, Gaia, Apolo and Merlin.

The project encourages the child to learn in a playful and active way through projects and experiments. Due to its interactivity, Nau dos Mestres promotes socio-emotional skills such as protagonism, collaboration, autonomy and empathy.

Based on the actions proposed by the program, Dow reinforces some of its values: “With this project, the corporation reaffirms its commitment to development and social inclusion in the communities where it operates. Through Nau dos Mestres we want to encourage interest in the universe of sciences and arts, in addition to greater integration between students and teachers through recreational activities ”, said the company.