Dow (a subsidiary of DowDuPont) has just announced plans to invest in a global-scale alkaloxylation unit on the United States Gulf Coast. The new facility will support the global growth of Dow’s key domestic and personal end markets, as well as other segments in which the Company continues to strengthen its positioning to the TRITON ™, TERGITOL ™, ECOSURF ™ and CARBOWAX ™ SENTRY ™ brands.

“We continue to experience strong demand in many industrial, consumer and manufacturing sectors,” said Ester Baiget, President of Dow Industrial Solutions. “These investments are based on the Company’s recent investments in the United States Gulf Coast, they will increase production capacity and allow Dow to meet growing customer and value chain demand for alkoxylated products.”

The new global-scale alkoxylation plant is due to come on stream in 2021. This enlargement adds to a series of bottleneck designs being deployed at Dow’s worldwide alkoxylation plants. According to the company, these projects will support the growing demand of customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.