drom Fragrances, is implementing globally environmental rules on its daily business. The system consists on recognition of DIN EN ISO global patterns and includes requirements designed to maximize quality and efficiency and yet to protect people’s health and environment.

This year it was already implemented the first Project on large scale with change of its cleaning system on its production areas to the steam cleaning, reducing expressively the use of cleaning agents and water on production processes.

Next step is the transition to renewable energy sources in 2008, with installation of sun energy panels, enough to cover company’s needs.

But, much more then implementing large scale projects these projects will have the support and the assurance of being evaluated and perfected continuously, with the formalization of environmental polices on the company, by making environmental protection a management task.  Company’s raw material and services suppliers will also be evaluated periodically.

“Implementing these policies in practice requires a personal commitment and proactive stance on the part of the employees as well as a financial commitment from the company,” explains Heidi Lanzendorfer, Environmental Officer at drom Fragrances.