Dutch DSM, a global specialist in health, nutrition and materials, including personal care, expanded its alliance, which began in May of this year with American biotechnology company Amyris Inc, an integrated company of renewable products and solutions of bioscience, through the acquisition of Amyris Brasil Ltda‘s plant for US $ 58 million.
With the acquisition of Brotas 1, a production facility located in São Paulo, DSM adds to its portfolio a strong biotechnology base and also access to the abundant supply of renewable raw material from sugarcane. In addition, the Dutch promises to use their extensive experience in fermentation plants to optimize the operations of the complex.

The partnership between the two companies started in May with the investment of € 25 million by DSM in Amryris, in exchange for technological support at strategic points. So far the two companies have launched a series of collaborative products, such as vitamins and nutritional complexes.

In addition, DSM has acquired the intellectual rights to farnesene production technology, a key biology-based intermediate for many applications. This hydrocarbon is obtained from sugarcane and is raw material for the production of lubricants, diesel, biodiesel, cosmetics and detergents. The Brotas 1 plant annually produces 24 thousand tons of farnesene.

Currently, the American company is building the unit of Brota 2, in Campinas-SP. DMS is committed to continuing the supply of materials and other specialty compounds until the completion of the new facility.
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