O Boticário’s Brazilian project at the launch of the new Eudora eau de parfum “La Victorie” was one of Dow‘s highlights during the Luxe Pack 2018, of Luxe Pack in Monaco earlier this month.

The cover, developed by Pochet do Brasil, brought the attributes of crystalline transparency and distinctive luster, as well as the design that the manufacturer expected ,with the choice of SURLYN® resin with its ability to reproduce shapes with possibilities of any decorative effects.

The biggest technical challenge was to produce the piece without the golden flakes breaking down and compromising the expected transparency. The particles were mixed with SURLYN® prior to processing and, together with the superinjection technique, gained the effect of floating inside a solid and transparent sphere, in reference to the infinity of dreams that every woman carries inside themselves.


The project was presented during the Luxe Pack along with other world-wide highlights produced with SURLYN® for perfumes like Goldea (Bvlgari) and Amo Ferragamo. The latter entrusted to the Italian company G. Candiani Srl, who also chose SURLYN® as “the only material that could meet the technical and aesthetic specifications of this project,” according to Carlo Candiani. The crown-shaped perfume cover is over-molded and luminous matches the bottle, with a design of small facets interconnected in the form of a prism.

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