Eurofragance, a company specialising in fragrance design and creation, is entering the United States market by acquiring a majority shareholding in Fragrance Design LLC, based in Atlanta (Georgia). The acquisition will be for Eurofragrance a stronger foothold in the American continent and strengthened its position in the Body Care and Household sectors, the new company’s specialist areas.

Eurofragance already operates in the American market through a plant and creative centre in Mexico. With the acquisition Eurofragance will keep its existing workforce, and add new members of staff. Eurofragance will provide the necessary financing and human resources to ensure growth and development.

The acquisition includes 1,200 square meters of facilities equipped with modern technologies and an extensive library of fragrances, which will be added to Eurofragance’s current assets. The team at Fragrance Design and its founder, William L. Hamilton, remains a minority shareholder and general manager. He will work with Eurofragance’s management team to implement a five-year expansion plan in the United States.