the Italian paper manufacturer, received the Luxe pack in Green award during Luxe Pack Monaco for its CRUSH paper line. The LUXE PACK in GREEN Award is awarded to the company presenting the most innovative environmentally friendly packaging solution.

CRUSH is made with by-products from citrus fruits, corn, coffee, kiwi fruits, olives, hazelnuts and almonds that would normally be processed as fillers in animal food and fertilizers or simply dumped as landfill. The colour palette reflects the colours of these materials and makes a contemporary selection of natural washed out colours – an interesting side effect of the variety of materials is that each colour has a different touch from one to the other. The “crushed” residue of these products , according to the company, replace as much as 15 per cent of the traditional wood pulp used in conventional paper.

Michele Posocco, Favini brand manager, assures that the use of the organic products to create eco-friendly packaging is set to redefine the future of the industry. “The future is about finding alternative materials that are available in large quantities from the search for alternative materials available in large quantities.