FCE Cosmetique this year brings Brazilian and international companies that have invested in technology to offer the best for the cosmetic market.

The most traditional sector fair in the country brings mainly trends in assets. And the international trends, from non-gendered cosmetics and solutions in cosmetics for children and pregnant women, to natural cosmetics. Complements the event several lectures. Highlight this year for the talk about the consumption of millenials.

Organized by NürnbergMesse Brasil, the 23rd edition of FCE Cosmetique, business platform of the cosmetics industry in Latin America, covers the stages of development and production of cosmetics, presenting raw materials, packaging and machinery to accessories, fragrances and services. The event starts next Tuesday, 22 and goes  until May 24, at the new exhibition space São Paulo Expo.

What will be seen and offered at FCE Cosmetique 2018:

Starting with market data, Juliana Martins, senior specialist in beauty and personal care at Mintel, will point out the main global trends in health and wellness (05/22 at 2:30 p.m.); Lucas Portilho, a pharmacist and cosmetology specialist, will address the risks involved in products for removing skin blemishes, which are widely used by women during pregnancy. (5/22 at 6:30 p.m.)

John Jimenez, Peruvian senior scientist at Belcorp will talk about genderless products, capable of serving both men and women alike. “It is a promising market not only in Latin America, but globally. The new generations have assimilated the codes of true freedom, in which there are no questions about the gender. “For him, the trend is booming in several sectors, such as fashion, and therefore could not be outside the cosmetics industry. “The line between genders is becoming more tenuous, we are facing a cultural change.” This transformation is also influencing the way industries think new products, “he says. (05/24, 9:30 AM)

Natural Ingredients

Symrise brings SymControl ™ Care: Marine Ingredient to helpSensitive and Oily Skin Care. It is a natural ingredient that regulates the production of sebum and strengthens the skin barrier. It is based on Mediterranean microalga coming from sustainable production. Presented at  in-cosmetics global, in  April, in Amsterdam, the product now arrives in Brazil at FCE Cosmetique, where Symrise presents itself for the first time. SymControl ™ Care is an active ingredient that meets the needs of consumers with oily and very sensitive skin, maintaining a healthy appearance and a balanced skin even after only a week. Soluble in water, the product is registered in the Chinese market and has COSMOS certification.

Cosmotec will take to FCE Cosmetique, approaches of wellness, authentic experiences and responsible attitudes of the concepts “+ Happiness, + Experience and + Consciousness”. The technical specialists of Elementis, Momentive and RAHN will also be present at the stand. Each formula suggestion created for FCE covers at least one of these requirements and is identified by a stamp with a scale ranging from 1 to 7, according to the total number of principles served: + Natural, + Water Efficiency, + Energy Efficiency , + Certification, + Minimalism, + Environmental Friend, + Friend of the Animals. For Hair Care, the product Splash Plush Toner gelatin; for Skincare Insta Blur, a product for uniformity and matte effect on the skin. Besides the facial Illuminator, among other novelties.

Nanovetores, which develops high-performance encapsulated assets for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and textile industries, takes to the fair the all-green technology that enables the encapsulation of micro- and nano-sized active ingredients, giving protection and greater stability to cosmetic formulations, and effectiveness and safety for end users. At FCE Cosmetique, she will introduce a number of products, such as Symbiocaps LA, an effective topical probiotic active in restoring immunity and hydration of the skin, the Nano Tranexamic Acid active that acts synergistically in the treatment of blemishes.

Smart Chemistry, ISO-9001 certified, is a renowned company for manufacturing and trading of raw materials and blends for the cosmetic industry. At FCE Cosmetique, as the main innovation, will bring the Smart Glioxi-E, recommended for hair brush procedures.

Brenntag, with Beauty Around the Clock, will present the Cytofruit Waters line, which derives from a biological process of the fruits and offers benefits such as cell regeneration, as well as anti-inflammatory, soothing and toning effects. It will also highlight the Vegelight line, an alternative to the D4 and D5 silicones in cosmetic formulations, and the Celus Bi Sphera, a biodegradable exfoliant.

Chemyunion will present several launches for skin care, among them: 4MAN, natural solution capable of reducing the signs of aging and promote hydration; Hebeatol®CG, a new functional ingredient that acts as a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent and compatible with various cosmetic formulations.

QuantiQ, a chemical distributor in Brazil and controlled by GTM Holdings S.A, will be present at FCE 2018, announcing its portfolio of solutions for Aromas & Fragrances, Cosmetics and Pharma.

Univar will present at FCE Cosmetique the campaign “DIFFUSION: a choice, several options”, which explores the hybrid concept of raw materials and formulations – increasingly minimalist and with more added value. Within a broad portfolio of solutions for the personal care market, highlight the ANGUS with TRIS AMINO® ULTRA PC, a mild neutralizer with the ability to capture and neutralize odors, and BASF with Relipidium ™ dermatological actives that work in balance of the microbiota of the skin.


Antilhas, a company with expertise and technology for the Retail, Cartridge and Flexible segments, has invested in machinery and production line to offer “genuinely Brazilian products with international quality”. For FCE Cosmetique, it will bring a launch with a premium concept and will highlight resistant packaging that allows the reuse by the consumer.

The Box Print Group will highlight the Box Print Green service and will make available to the public pertinent information to the moment of the market.

Kawagraf is a pioneer in providing complete solution for Premium Rigid Box in Brazil. In line with a global movement, it offers sophisticated, yet economical and technically feasible consumer goods packaging. At FCE Cosmetique, it will exhibit samples based on visual trends such as galaxy, space, color explosion, stone and style.

And Up Box, a company specializing in packaging, works mainly in customized packaging lines such as UPBOX Customized and Economic Bag. At FCE Cosmetique, it will display products like Premium Drinks Bags, Basic Bags and SOS Bags, each for a specific purpose.

The Baralan of packaging will take to the FCE Cosmetique the Meghan line, directed towards enamel, makeup and skin care.


Mia Make is recognized for its eyebrow pencils and illuminating pencils. It also has Make Lab, a makeup pencil factory created to serve all companies wishing to sell products under their own brand.

Inovao is the largest outsource company of nail polish, with automatic equipment and manufacturing units dedicated to the activity. At FCE Cosmetique, it will display finished products such as glazes and makeup.

Sampling and monodoses

Adhespack Group will present its three business units: SkinLab, with outsourcing of cosmetics and conventional samplings; Adhespack Graphic Division, with promotional prints, labels, labels and display; and Adhespack Creative Sampling, which consists of flat sampling for perfumery, makeup and cosmetics. In this last one, Self Sampling, is an innovation in the segment of samples. To confer.

Valdose brings to Brazil the experience of the Italian Valmatic SRL with manufacturing and packaging of products in a single dose. The company produces thermoformed containers with a capacity of 0.50 to 100 ml, which can be filled with liquid, gel and cream. Thermoforming and packaging take place on the same production line, in a 100% automated way. At FCE Cosmetique, Valdose will have samples of the monodoses in all available formats.



Coesia is a group of companies with global operation that offers industrial solutions and packaging processes. At FCE Cosmetique, the group will feature two machines: the KP600, a 60PPM cosmetic and pharmaceutical carton, and NM702, a tube packaging machine with a speed of 80PPM. Both machines will be in operation during the fair.

Steel Horse produces automatic machines for filling and tubes closing. During FCE Cosmetique, the company will have machines in operation, demonstrating to the public its operation to pack cream and close the tubes.

Tsubaki Packaging is a manufacturer of plastic packaging for cosmetics in PE and PET (injection, blowing, I.S.B.M) and decoration (silk screen and hot stamp). At FCE Cosmetique, representatives of the company will be available to talk to customers.

The Nuremberg Messe has prepared attractions, interactions and new spaces to attract the public of the cosmetic business. FCE Cosmetique is held together with FCE Pharma.