Firmenich presented in São Paulo Naturals Together, an event that gathered 16 of the best natural ingredients producers in the world, as well as the main customers of fragrances and Aromas.

It is the first edition of the event in Latin America, which has had editions in New York, Paris and Singapore, to show how Firmenich handles the responsible supply of actives, joining small farmers around the world, looking for a more sustainable way to produce its aromas and fragrances, including in Brazil, a producer and worldwide supplier of citrus.



At the meeting was presented the video of the series Naturals Together, Chapter 10: Green Mandarin, in which the Group shares the sustainable commitment in the harvests. “The Brazilian market is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with a strong desire for natural resources,” says Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich. “Therefore, it is critical that Firmenich quality natural ingredients in a responsible, sustainable and traceable manner”.

“The growing demand for natural resources, as well as rising customer expectations for ethical supply, put the naturalists under increasing pressure,” added Dominique Roques, VP of Natural Resources at Firmenich. “Naturals Together is the key to the sustainable pursuit of our natural resources for the future. With these significant partnerships, we are shaping new business models and defining together, the next generation of responsible supply. ”

The event began with the “Future Natural Producers” panel, mapping emerging countries in Naturals, as well as the evolution of expectations and challenges in responsible supply, with the participation of producers of Cardamom from Guatemala, Rosa and Lavanda from Bulgaria and Jasmine from India.

Olfactory and tasting sessions have highlighted a wide range of exquisite raw materials from all regions, including cardamom, copaiba, tonka fava, mandarin and orange, as well as a wide selection of natural from all over the world, in an immersive sensory experience which complemented the event.

Firmenich is a global company based in Switzerland. Each year, it invests 10% of its turnover in R & D. It seeks, processes and markets 170 varieties of perfumes and aromas, provided by 100 producers, from 40 countries, contributing to the support of 250 thousand families. At the end of June 2017 it had an annual turnover of CHF 3.34 billion.