After the successful launches of the Clearwood® biotechnological ingredients in 2014, Ambrox® Super in 2016 and Z11 in 2018, Firmenich today announced its latest innovation in white biotechnology, with Dreamwood ™.

Inspired by the iconic sandalwood Mysore, Dreamwood ™ is an innovative scent of an ingredient described as warm, mystical and creamy, with cosmetic benefits and still has a positive impact on the planet, with a 100% natural footprint, it is biodegradable and 100% renewable carbon.

“Because it is sustainable and affordable, Dreamwood ™ is reviving natural sandalwood notes for modern perfumery creations. Dreamwood ™ reveals all its naturalness and deep creaminess, especially in the heart and base notes ”, standed out François-Raphaël Balestra, principal perfumer, director of discovery of new Ingredients at Firmenich.

White biotechnology refers to a type of biotechnology on an industrial scale currently used to create molecules for use in cosmetics, personal care and fragrance formulas or blends, through better performing microorganisms or enzymes.

It is the first ingredient of Firmenich to present cosmetic benefits, traditionally associated with sandalwood oil. Thanks to its antimicrobial effect and soothing properties on skin cells, it can offer a positive benefit in skin care products for special needs, including blemishes.

According to Julien Firmenich, vice president of sales, ingredients and perfumery, “Dreamwood ™ represents the future of the company’s ingredient business. “This captive innovator opens up new creative territories for sandalwood fragrances, with all the benefits of responsible business, in one ingredient.”

“Consumers are looking for renewable and sustainable solutions. Individuals and companies are examining how they can do their part to minimize their impact on the land. The ingredients produced via biotechnology are one way to do this,” said Sarah Reisinger, vice president of Research and Development, Biotechnology.