Firmenich announced yesterday to its customers of  Flavor  and Fragrance, media and guests, at an event in Sao Paulo, that recently became a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade, a non-profit association that promotes the ‘Sourcing with Respect’ of ingredients that come from biodiversity. After 18 months of an audit and review completed successfully, Firmenich joins UEBT – Union for Ethical Bio Trade, reinforcing  its actions in promoting biodiversity conservation globally and in Brazil, inviting them to reflect on theme.
The sustainability strategy of Firmenich is focused on improving the health and well-being, in the reduction of environmental impact and improving livelihoods. Thus, the company believes it can help to protect the largest rainforest in the world and within its Project Copaíba ensure that the oil that it purchases comes without intermediaries, directly from local producers in the forest.

The company is actively working on the sustainable supply from Amazonian region and has partnered with local and global nonprofit organizations, including the WWF, in the sustainable sourcing of copaiba oil and tonka bean. The Copaiba oil, an oil with wood scent that Firmenich uses in the formulation of fragrances worldwide, is extracted from inside the trunk of a native wild  tree  from Amazon.

“We realize we have the power to change things and ensure that most of the money stays with the producers of oil,” said André Tabanez responsible for Firmenich program in the Amazon.

“Some of the most creative minds in the field of sustainability are based here in Brazil, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the area of sustainability are also based here in Brazil. A winning combination! Without a doubt, Brazil is a world leader in creating sustainable lifestyles and I believe that the industry of Fragrances and Aromas has a key role to play in making sustainability desirable, “said the CEO of Firmenich, Patrick Firmenich, emphasizing that even in small daily actions, the scale in large enterprises makes the difference.

The same opinion, the event guest, Maria Cecilia Wey de Brito, CEO of WWF Brazil, stressed the importance of innovation and of the scale. “Sustainability is a lever for the innovation and technology is the  key to it,” she said pointing to the economy of resources, to recycled waste  and new materials that can arise from them. “Any change in technology can influence your partners that can change, make a difference with the actions in scale, ” she said.      

Pablo Barros, CEO of Eight Sustainability Platform and member of the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development indicated that for the sustainable lifestyle it is need to change people’s behavior. “Never was showed how to do this.” He cites as an example the matter of Reverse Logistics for which he indicates, is necessary some kind of incentive in order the consumer participates actively in the delivery of the packaging back to the company. “The consumer has to participate. It has to be easier and be some sort of incentive, such as establishing standards of belonging to a group or to re-signify the action. “

“It is the new luxury, the sustainable luxury coming from Brazil. It celebrates excellence, originality, quality and craftsmanship, “says Andrea Fasanello, co-founder and president of NGO ModaFusion, which produces and sells including to abroad, the fashion that  the poor communities in Rio de Janeiro make.

According to Firmenich presentation of the event, this Sustainability trend  in luxury can build value in the product, while restoring the identity of luxury brands.

“Today we are working with various fashion schools, extremely interested in this fashion trend (PET mesh). Fasanello has also addressed the issue of scale: “If we could organize workshops, stories and unique products from Tide community, then we would have scale,” said Fasanello.

Firmenich, which obtained an annual turnover of 2.64 billion Swiss francs in late June 2012, invests about 10% of its revenues in R & D per year in search of expertise in creativity and innovation.