It was inaugurated this Monday, the 9th, the first tissue bioengineering laboratory in Brazil. It is a subsidiary of Episkin, a subsidiary of the French company L’Oréal, located at the Research and Innovation Center, on the Fundão campus of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. This is the third Episkin in operation in the world, one in Lyon, France, and another in Shanghai, China.

The unit will produce and make available reconstructed skin for use in product testing as an alternative to using animals. UFRJ has been collaborating with L’Oréal for seven years, especially in research to obtain human sensory neurons.

“We produce thousands of skin tissues and epitheliums, such as the cornea, each week with strict quality control,” said Rodrigo De Vecchi, CEO of Episkin Brazil.

Since 1989, the French cosmetics brand has not tested products on animals. The model is available to the Brazilian and Latin American scientific communities and any interested companies to stimulate use of alternative methods.

Episkin models are the only ones validated and recommended by the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation, accepted worldwide.