A line of cosmetics made with Amazonian bamboo extract, was developed by researchers at the Fundação de Tecnologia do Acre (Funtac) and launched last week at the Exhibition Marshal Castelo Branco park during Expoacre, the state’s main trade fair (31 / 07 8.2.2015).

With bamboo extract, abundant in the Amazon rainforest, the foundation produced a line consisting of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, astringent lotion, vegetable and liquid soap.

The foundation, according to Dirlei Bersch, chief executive of the foundation, development is not exclusive. “We developed and tested the technology and we can transfer for those of the production sector that be interested. Company, association or cooperative that wants to produce can fetch the technology on the Funtac. We will make a transfer agreement and provide instructions to the whole production process,” he explains.

The Funtac produced three product lines: Class A, made of organic products without petroleum derivatives and preservatives; midline, which is more rustic and simple, for hotels and the extract, which has vitamin A, E and B5.
“Each company will work its process of cost and profit margin, but in practice, it is feasible. ‘It’s something that comes from sustainable extraction and extractive production, has several environmental and social components associated “, says Bersch.

The challenge of Funtac, which already develops research with various types of oils from Amazonian plants such as muru muru, is enable it to the productive sector. The pharmaceutical and director of the foundation ensures that it is feasible. “The cost stays in the average of production of other products, she concludes.