Givaudan Active Beauty developed the ‘Skin Care Highlighter’, inspired by Asian trends. It is a gel for the cheeks that can be added to the skin care routine.

The new ‘Skin Care Highlighter’ instantly creates this transparent nude look and brings the right bioactives to deliver long term results. Shan Godbille, Strategic Marketing and CMI Manager said: “We have identified that healthy glowing skin is strongly desired by women around the globe. Many brands are shifting their positioning from whitening to illuminating, and globally, new skin care launches with illuminating and brightening claims have increased from 16% to 25%2 between 2015 and 2019.”

With six active ingredients, Skin Care Highlighter, according to the company, restores the apple muscles. Derived from upcycled vetiver roots, Vetivyne ™ brings unique anti-aging properties and returns volume to the face.

The ingredient also lightens the skin. Flashwhite Unispheres® offers an instantly and visually brighten complexion and skin tone, in addition to reducing pore size, thanks to Brightenyl ™, a skin bioptimizer whih also reduces skin redness.

Above all, the product balances and activates the skin’s microbiome with Yogurtene® Balance, a prebiotic and paraprobiotic that balances the skin’s microflora by hydrating it with a sensory touch. Unitamuron ™ H-22 is a ‘vegetable-like hyaluronic acid’, which brings a velvety softness and hydration effect to the skin. Combined with Cristalhyal®, a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid prevents skin dehydration.

‘Skin Care Highlighter’ is a single use concept and can also be applied on the chin, nose, upper lip and around the eyebrows. It brings a new generation of multi-beneficial products for all consumers by delivering face shaping effects, sustainable skin care benefits and novel sensory experiences.