Glambox,  line of  Beauty Boxes with surprises per signature, that usually conducts  market research, did again a market research between November 2015 and January 2016, with the participation of 4321 women, to find out if women intend this year to keep the same amount spent on beauty products. The Beauty Plan in 2016 revealed that 52% of women want to maintain the same value in cosmetics and perfumery during the year, 9% said they would increase it and 24% will lower it. The survey also found that 46% intend to buy only the essentials, while 18% say they will search more the promotions.

In this group, no consumer said it will buy cheaper brands to save. Another point is that 58% said they will not stop buying products from hair care, 57% will not give up make-up, 56% will keep buying items for facial cleaning and 51% perfumes. In addition, 60% said they prefer physical stores.