The social isolation, necessary against COVID-19, has revealed an increase in cases and the intensity of violence against women, with a growth of about 37% of complaints in Ligue 180, according to the study by the Brazilian Forum on Public Security.

According to the UN, among the most effective measures to tackle and prevent domestic violence during the pandemic in the world are the investments in online services, the establishment of emergency alert services in pharmacies and supermarkets and the creation of shelters for victims of gender violence. With this in mind, GPA’s hypermarket and supermarket chains Extra, Pão de Açúcar, Assaí and Compre Bem, joined the Avon Institute‘s initiative to tackle violence against women.

The apps Pão de Açúcar Mais, Clube Extra and Assaí and the Compre Bem website will start, starting this Monday (22), with a banner that directs women who are suffering violence to an online page where they can go online, where they can contact a virtual assistant via WhatsApp, who will help them understand if they are experiencing violence, inform them about the public services available on the safety net and indicate what resources they can access.

From the questions, based on the international risk assessment protocols, the assistant is able to identify the vulnerability to which the woman is subjected. With the result of this analysis, it is directed to the different resources available.

This new functionality of the GPA loyalty applications is part of the Você Não Está Alone program, launched by Instituto Avon in April of this year, as a response to the increase in domestic violence rates during quarantine.

“In the context of a pandemic, it is necessary to create innovative solutions to face the challenges that we have in relation to domestic violence. The difficulty of being able to leave the house to ask for help or the fear of denouncing the partner are some of the additional obstacles for the victim of violence in the context of social isolation. In this sense, creating online environments to reach more women and facilitate the request for help is essential to contain the worsening violence in their lives ”, says Daniela Grelin, executive director of the Avon Institute.

“Through the apps of the group’s brands and our communication channels, which are accessed by thousands of customers across Brazil, we want to increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of these women’s help requests,” said Susy Yoshimura, director of GPA Sustainability and Compliance.

Another initiative of the Você Não Está Alone Program seeks to support women who are struggling to meet their families’ basic food needs. Through the action, Instituto GPA and Instituto Avon are donating two thousand basic baskets to women of high vulnerability and with basic food needs. The request for support can be made through the Program website