Sabará Group, company recognized for its raw materials from Brazilian biodiversity, adheres to the Origens Brasil® initiative to attest to the transparency and traceability of its production chain.

The partnership aims to provide information on where, how and who was benefited by the purchase of natural raw materials in the Amazonian regions of Xingu, Calha Norte and Rio Negro by two Sabará Group business units: Beraca, leader in supply of natural and organic ingredients for the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care industries, and Concepta Ingredients, specializing in natural and technological solutions for the food, beverage, animal nutrition and veterinary pharmaceutical industries.

According to the company, the territories recognized by Origens Brasil® currently addtotal more than 90 million hectares – 21% of the Amazon. In addition, the initiative has 36 registered protected areas, which correspond to 28 million hectares. There are 1,279 registered producers covering 9,378 potential beneficiaries, which generated in 2017 a financial transaction of approximately R $ 2 million.

“We have a commitment to social and economic development and to the preservation of the environment. To that end, we work to establish partnerships that demonstrate the importance of our efforts to promote transparency in all stages of the production process, “said Ulisses Sabará, president of the Sabará group. He points out that the initiative is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), which govern all actions promoted by the company.

In 2016, the entrepreneur was recognized by the UN or his work developed in line with the objective number 15 – Life on Land -, dedicated to protect, recover and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. “The recognition was for the work carried out by Beraca with communities in the Brazilian biomes, promoting training and skills for the supply of native ingredients, the socio-environmental and economic promotion of the region and the valorization of the standing forest,” says Sabará.

Through the partnership with Origens Brasil®, Beraca and Concepta Ingredients will present a greater detail of the production chain. Initially the relation is linked to copaiba marketed in Calha Norte, which, based on a database supplied by the Institute of Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification (Imaflora®) and by the communities that supply raw materials, it is possible to identify which is the community responsible for the input, the location and even the number of people benefited and the percentage paid for the product above the local price.

“Companies seeking recognition in the market must invest in fair relations with communities that supply raw materials. Transparency and respect for the environment are essential and must be above all else. For this, it is extremely important to count on the work of respected institutions capable of ensuring an environment of trust for all parties involved in the production chain, “says Ulisses Sabará.