Launched in June, LUI is the new fragrance of the traditional and famous Guerlain French fragrances and cosmetics house that lacks definition for its genre. Has not yet arrived in the country, but in the countries where it is being launched, provokes, as bets on the mixture of genres.

“Feminine. Masculine. Why choose? LUI is a fragrance that likes to blur the boundaries. Not entirely feminine, nor truly masculine, it is both at once. Inspired by a generation that is breaking free from gender norms, Guerlain had the idea of an unmistakably universal fragrance,” proposes the luxury fragrance house.

LUi is described as a floral, woody and spicy scent. Its path of ambiguous fragrance is based on benzoin: floral, spicy and woody in turn, this resin is revealed in all of its complexity as the composition created by the perfumer Delphine Jelk and Thierry Wasser unfolds. The two wanted to surprise with an unexpected scent, that mixes genres and creates a new one. The result is a perfume that seeks ambivalence. A unique fragrance that reveals itself on the skin.

It has top notes of pear and clove. Heart notes of beijoim, a balsamic resin obtained from the bark of several species of trees and carnation, with base notes of leather, vanilla, musk and smoke, vehicle to make shine other notes.

The bottle is black-lacquered, elegant, with bevelled corners, in Art Deco style. The bottle of LUI lends the aesthetic from a historic creation of Jacques Guerlain of 1929: LIU, that wrapped women’s emancipation in the scent of freedom.