In the wave of personalized products, one of the trends posted by experts at the beginning of the year, comes out a version for hair with the launch of HairRx Advanced Hair Care, which allows consumers to choose between their preferences or needs. The founder of QVC, Joe Segel, is launching the line, which allows the creation of shampoos and conditioners with possibilities of scents and foam, among other attributes, according to the desire and the need of the consumer, since women over 30 have tastes and different needs of younger women.

In Brazil, Amend, for example, already wagered in products 2014 on customization when it launched Amend 4 You Express, the Experience & Solution line, for hydration appropriate to the consumer’s needs, proposing refillable jars to repair the wires according to the level of damage, with products appropriated to the needs of the consumer.

In the Hair Rx line the consumer responds on the company website to 5 or 6 questions (about brightness, volume, definition of curls, revitalization, frizz hydration and volume.) Then she choose the type of scalp, the foaming (abundant or light) and the smell (lavender, citrus, coconut, jasmine and vanilla) as well as chemical processes through which the hair has passed.,The result is two choices of shampoo and conditioner, plus an option to travel with products that really meet the needs of the consumer.