The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) published today, a public consultation that proposes updating the technical requirements for the grant of registration of toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes for children between zero and 12 years.

A proposta aborda critérios como faixa etária, formulação, dados de segurança e advertências de rotulagens. A CP nº 50/2012 também amplia as categorias de produtos, atualiza os testes de segurança e inclui requerimentos estabelecidos de acordo com o tipo de produto. O novo regulamento irá substituir a legislação vigente (RDC nº 38/2001).

Among the foreseen rules out in the document, available on the website of ANVISA for the query, highlight to the requirement that the products are easy to remove, soluble in water, and that flavors are not attractive to the palate as chocolate lipsticks, for example, to avoid the ingestion by children.
The consultation will be made by the  electronic system FormSUS, which is developed and administered by the Health  Ministry. Contributions to the proposal, may be made from September 7 through email address:—aplicacao=9249.