Hinode Group has just launched an experience space with its brands dedicated to independent consultants: Hinode Experience. The environment presents the history of the company, the evolution of the portfolio and the products, offers the view of the production line of the factory and some interactions with the leaders of the company.

Installed within the company’s new plant in Jandira (SP), the 600 square-meter space is dedicated to deepening the relationship between consultants and the company, their leaderships and brand products. The expectation is to receive 320 sales consulters per day.

In this way, the group seeks to offer an experience of proximity to the consultants, reinforcing the perception of its products. “In these 30 years of company, we have built one of the most promising Brazilian beauty and wellness companies. We work to develop high-quality products and an innovative business model, but above all I believe that our most valuable asset is human relations. Hinode Experience brings our audience closer to our Group, our portfolio, our history and our vision for the future “, says Hinode Group President Sandro Rodrigues.