Huhtamaki, a global food and beverage packaging specialist, announced in late 2019 the fully acquisition of its Laminor SA joint venture. Founded in 2002 between Huhtamaki and Bemis (50/50), the joint venture specializes in the production of high quality plastic laminates, specially developed for oral hygiene products such as toothpastes, cosmetics and other applications. In 2018, Laminor S.A had net sales of over R $ 100 million and currently employs approximately 130 people.

“The acquisition allows Huhtamaki to expand its tube rolling business, an important part of the group’s global flexible packaging offering, and now has 320 employees in Brazil,” said Daniel Winocur, General Manager of Huhtamaki Brazil. “After the operation, we will have two facilities: our molded cellulose fiber packaging unit in the city of Palmeira, Paraná and Laminor, located in Parnamirim, state of Rio Grande do Norte.”

The opportunity for Huhtamaki to acquire all of the joint venture’s capital was due to the merger between Amcor and Bemis. “Although we now have full control of the operation, I point out that Laminor will maintain the contract for supplying pipe laminates for Amcor’s operations in Brazil,” says the Executive.

The transaction must be completed within the expected time, subject to administrative review by the Brazilian authorities.