Developed in a partnership between Social Miner, Anymarket, Vindi and Neoassist, an unprecedented report examines consumer behavior online.
The study outlines an e-commerce panorama in Brazil and shows how to take better advantage of relationship opportunities and sales effectiveness.

The study analyzed the browsing behavior of over 35 million users and the sectors with the most representation in total online sales in 2018 were beauty and health (35.78%), fashion (17.89%) and information technology (14 , 35%).

The month of November and the Black Friday remain the stars of online trading. As a result of the special date (1.88% of the total volume of visits of the year, 6.5 times greater than that registered in the second commercial date with greater traffic representativeness: March 15, Consumer Day), the second semester concentrated the largest sales figures for e-commerces totaling 60.45% versus 39.55% in the first six months of the year. And it’s worth remembering that, in addition to sales, Black Friday has a large number of visitors making purchases in the following months.

One of the first conclusions is that it is necessary to understand more and more the journey of the consumer in each event of the market. Black Friday (November) and Consumer Day (March) lead sales, but on Valentine’s Day, for example, men and women change the profile of the categories they buy , the report points out.

The region with greater representativity on sales, of 67.29% was the Southeast, with more products consumed in the furniture, multi-category, beverage and fashion sectors. The highlight of the region’s sales was for the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, which accounted for 40.49%, 13.58% and 11.19% of the volume, respectively.

Also in 2018, women bought more of the categories Babies (92.41%), Fashion (89.23%) and Beauty and Health (83.63%), while men gave preference to products from the Informatics sectors (92.58% ), Beverages (70.12%) and Electronics (65.54%).

The overall average ticket for 2018 was R $ 378.45. The highest was in the electronics segment (R $ 1,000). Credit card was the most relevant payment method in the year’s transactions. However, when considering the revenue generated by each payment method, the bank slip gains relevance, with an increase of 10.88 percentage points.