It began yesterday and ends tomorrow in Paris, the in-cosmetics Global 2019, which revealed on its first night the winners of its Innovation Zone Best Ingredients Award – in celebration of the most innovative personal care ingredients launched in the last six months.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards are awarded by some of the top industry experts for five categories: Best Active Ingredient, Best Functional Ingredient, Green Ingredient, Make-Up Bar Award and Sensory Award. They demonstrate the fantastic movement of innovation the companies have undertaken and that are gathered in the event.

The companies and their products winners of this year were:

Best Functional Ingredient

Gold: Gattefossé – Emulium® Illustro, an emulsifier without PEG. active hydration and skin comfort through a second invisible skin effect. An innovative, 100% natural, W/O emulsifier, highly compatible with pigments and UV filters, but also with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.

Silver: Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc. – InstaMask ™, an all-in-one clay mask bead technology, easy to use clay maskwhen mixed with water. Each granule contains a clay, active ingredients & thickeners, that will hydrate when water or a water based booster is added to transform into a freshly made clay mask. This format is easier to use than a powder, less messy & delivers added benefits to the skin. InstaMask™ Shale is preservative & dye free, waterless, and creates a strong visual differentiation .

Bronze: CLARIANT – CareMag D, is an active ingredient to control the body’s natural odor. Controls the growth of bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus hominis and Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum, responsible for BO

Bronze: PolymerExpert – EMC30, new oil thickener very easy to disperse at 80 ° C. Dedicated to polar medium to polar oils, it leads to a clear gel with excellent suppressive abilities.

Melhor ingrediente ativo

Ouro: Vytrus Biotech – OLEA VITAE PLF – a powerful mature skin revitalizer that combats energetic aging using a new mechanism of action: stimulation of mitochondrial synapses. This active protects and optimizes the energy of the skin cells for a surprising anti-wrinkle, firming and repairing effect.

Silver: Hallstar – olheoactif®, active, oily, moisturizing and protective active ingredient, concentrated by the patented green oléo-éco extraction process.

Bronze: Givaudan Active Beauty – Darkenyl ™, an active hair repigmenting ingredient designed to counteract the biological process of hair aging by combining two synergistic molecules: taxifoline glucoside and N-acetyl-tyrosine.

Ingrediente Verde

Ouro: Vytrus Biotech – Sarcoslim Re-Shape PRCF This concentrated metabolome of totipotent cells from the close to extinction plant Sarcocapnos is rich in plant lipid management related factors specially designed to produce fat burning, and traduce it in an increase of cell energetic metabolism, reactivating of the mechanical properties of skin.

Silver: Lipotec Active Ingredients – blue ingredient LUMICEASE ™, activates opsin in the skin and promotes adaptive responses such as lipid build-up, DNA repair pathways and antioxidant defenses that help prepare the skin for future light exposure . It is a fermentation extract obtained by biotechnology from a microorganism resistant to radiation.

Silver: Expansion of Laboratories – Skinhairgium Bio, active anti-aging ingredient obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of maca roots (Lepidium meyenii), a Peruvian plant known for its energizing and stimulating properties. Thanks to its concentration in peptides and sugars, 0.2% of Skinhairgium® BIO stimulates cell renewal and shows activity in hair and skin. Relive hair growth and prevent hair loss for stronger and healthier hair. It fortifies & revitalizes hair in promoting healthy & strengthened hair follicles.

Bronze: Vitalab – NutriVita, naturally occurring rejuvenator in skin cells regulating the mitochondriogenesis, PGC1-alpha.

Bar Sensorial Award

Gold: Arkema – A Sensory Journey with Orgasol Powders

Silver: Adeka Europe – NOL GT-730 and GT-930, thixotropic memory gel


Bronze: Sumitomo Seika – Aqupec MG N4OR sensory innovation. The spherical shapes give a unique and impressive texture to this water-soluble thickener. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from skin care to make-up, hair care and toiletries.

Bar Make-Up Award

Gold: Daito Kasei Europe – 100% natural or innovative textures important player of functional agents also offers a large number of certified natural products

Silver: Tagra – Cameleon Caps Tagra’s product portfolio consists of a range of innovative microcapsules, line of anti-aging ingredients, anti-acne, whitening, moisturizing and sunscreen, encapsulated.

Bronze: Sun Chemical – Intenza Glitter Effects glitter effect pigments livrea of additives and inensity preservatives