In-cosmetics Latin América started to discuss some solutions to the problems that the cosmetic industry and its suppliers have been facing, in a series of ‘lives’ at Instagram, with exclusive interviews that connect the public to the solutions found by Brazilian indie companies.

The fair takes place in September, but the Reed Expo, organizer of the event, recalls that the commitment to the market has no date or physical space. That is why it has found a way to contribute on digital channels, inviting businessmen in the sector to share what they are doing to reinvent themselves, opening an important and qualified space for a productive, interactive and full of ideas debate for those who want to reduce the impacts of this adverse moment.

The first ‘live’ of the series was with Patrícia Lima, founder of Simple Organic, a brand focused on organic and vegan cosmetics, on the market for only 3 years and with 20 stores spread across Brazil. More than 2,000 people watched the broadcast and almost 400 interactions were recorded with questions, basically on how not to fire employes, how best to deal with high taxes and product launches after this period of uncertainty.

Patrícia said that she avoided cuts by holding expenses at 50% and that has developed a program to continue to invoice. “We anticipate a project where the brand’s customers resell products over the internet, gaining 10% on sales, focusing mainly on the products we have in stores, in order to get our inventory out. It was a great success, with more than 700 subscribers in a single day ”, he said.

The next interviews will be: April 6, at 2 pm, the businesswoman and cosmetologist Cris Dios, owner of the Laces and Hair salons and of other brands, will speak, precisely, about how she is reinventing her business. Today, April 8, at 2 pm, it will be the turn of Patrícia Camargo, one of the founders of Care Natural Beauty, who will explain how learning in the Sephora Acceleration Program, carried out last year, is helping in this scenario.

On April 14, the interviewee will be Caio Santi, CEO of Just For You. He will talk about how the company continues to grow during the pandemic with the custom market. On April 16, Corina Godoy, founder of Pink Cheeks, will address niche markets in the pandemic, with a focus on sports cosmetics.

For Daniel Zanetti, director of in-cosmetics Latin America, the action reflects the essence of knowledge sharing at the fair. “We have been bringing technical and market content to the event for years so that companies can stand out. This time, we are even happier to bring positive examples that can help redefine business strategies of different sizes ”, he comments.


Lives in-cosmetics Latin America
06/04 – 14h: Cris Dios – dona da Laces and Hair
08/04 – 14h: Patrícia Camargo – fundadora da Care Natural Beauty
14/04 – 14h: Caio Santi – CEO da Just For You
16/04 – 14h: Corina Godoy – Founder da Pink Cheeks
Instagram: @incoslatam