The fictional nucleus of Boticario, created by AlmapBBDO for the special dates of the brand, relives an exciting story on this Mother’s Day, inspired by occured events. The campaign premiered Sunday (4/21), in the main TV program, and encourages the audience to tell their mothers how much they are loved and admired, each for a special reason their kids know well.

In the film, the sister of the mother shares the beautiful relationship she has with her son. She talks about her pride in the boy and says that she has always encouraged him to break his limits, to make his own decisions and go after his dreams. And that was no different when he chose to be a lawyer, although his mother imagined the boy would exploit his other talen

To the joy of both, in the end, the boy passes in the entrance exam and opens the way to fulfill his aspiration. On Mother’s Day, the boy appears in the home of O Boticario characters and verbally expresses the love for his mother, presenting her with a perfume of the brand. At this point, it is clear that the mother’s participation in the son’s trajectory is as admirable as the boy’s own history and its conquest. “Only you know how incredible your mother is. Tell her, “ends the movie’s signature.

The campaign brings a series of digital content featuring the two sisters, their children and other family members. The contents address the importance of telling mothers how much they are loved. Publications interact with the public and encourage them to do the same. The creation is from AlmapBBDO.
The campaign includes ads, digital media, vignettes, billboards, street furniture, spot for radio, among others.