1 – Why is it important for Lola to expand?

To increase brand visibility, get closer to consumers and be more and more reference in the niche of vegan, cruelty free and vegan beauty products.

2 – The performance at the start mark, with market niches and organic products, foresaw this growth?

Yes, we always believe in the potential of the brand. We founded Lola in 2011 initially aimed at the professional public, but it had great acceptance among the final consumers and ended up going to the retail. Today, Lola stands out in the national market with an innovative proposal with quality of professional treatment offering vegan products, increasingly natural and cruelty free.

3 – Products for curly women was a great niche. Is there a next niche or is the idea now encompassing all segments and categories?

Curly and crimpy hair were our first consumers, when in 2011 the company created the first 100% Brazilian collection especially for them. Currently, Lola Cosmetics has on average 15 unique products to meet this specific category. The lines formulated for curly and crimped represent more than 30% of the company’s turnover. We already have products for all types of hair, besides curly: smooth, oily, wavy, blond, with coloration, hair transition, etc. In 2018, we started a new phase in Lola developing minimalist formulas, that is, with fewer ingredients and more natural assets that perform better and offer much more lasting results. We did this with recent releases and changed the formulas of the older products.

4 –With the expansion of sales in 2018 to 15% and the expectation of 20% for this year, the Lola brand, does the differentiations that have captivated the public (packaging and names of fun products, low-poo products, parabens-free, sulfates, etc.)  remain ? Is there a plan not to lose the loyalty of the public?

At Lola we understand that what is used on the skin, enters the skin. That is why our treatments are undergoing reformulations for natural and organic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.
As a living organ, your skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way that the rest of your body does. If you feed yourself with junk food, it will be less healthy and dynamic. With your skin it is no different.
In a world in constant motion, there are many new developments in the cosmetic industry and others. We are keep our eyes, ears and minds open to constantly improving our products so they have the least possible environmental and social impact, which also involve our packaging. We are in search of the conscious and healthy beauty, for the consumer and for the planet.

5 – The economic crisis of the country did not disturb the growth of the brand, nor retained it in the exports. What does the company export, where and how has not the crisis hampered this movement?

We are always innovating, in recent years we have launched a body line, with more than 40 products, consisting of exfoliating and body moisturizing, cold process soaps that preserves 100% the natural ingredients of the formula, and Oh! Maria, vegan and cruelty free makeup line, with more than 50 products. Lola exports the hairline to Portugal, Switzerland, Egypt, United Arab Emirates. Soon, its products will also be found in Mexico, Chile and Peru, through partnerships with international distributors of the beauty segment.

6 – At 4 years, the brand left the beuty salons and went to the retail and from there to department stores. How did did i happen this decision and how many points of sale does the brand operate today?

We realized that there was a demand for this type of product in retail, so the change. We are in 10,000 sales outlets throughout Brazil, including pharmacies, drugstores and large department stores.

7 – Is the internet a complement or a force? How much do virtual sales represent for the company and with the entry on Amazon and Beleza na Web how much should this percentage increase?

It is still not relevant and accompanies the overall proportion of retail: 3% of purchases of beauty items are made online, but it is a growing market. We have super partners who do this work for us, but we still do not have a specific e-commerce site.
In fact, the internet is our greatest strength of disclosure and relationship, through it we tighten more and more ties with our loletes.

8 – Amid strong competition from other brands – national and international, why also work with own stores?

Lola has a unique proposal, very different from all the companies in the sector. We feel the need to open concept stores, with DNA Lola, so the public knows a little more about the essence of the brand. The goal is, in addition to strengthening the brand, to receive people for a moment of enchantment. Create an empathy, a start for an amasing experience.

9 – Is there also a differentiation of the brand in relation to other segments, such as makeup and body products? What to present as differentiated, when the market already supplies everything?

Both the line of makeup and body products follow the same philosophy of Lola, efficient and natural formulas, packaging and innovative campaigns. Life has to be fun, humorous, full of smiles and moments of relaxation in the details of the day to day.

10 – How to position itself to grow, four years after its launch with intimate and niche proposal?

Lola has a total commitment to the choice of its packaging, fragrances, ingredients and is careful with the environment. Product formulations are committed to the principles of ethical and fair trade, and for this, the choice of ingredients is paramount. Lola wants beauty for everyone, but always in a sustainable way.
We take all this to new retail channels, increasing our presence in drugstores and pharmacies and in department stores. About a year and a half ago, we reached the big networks, such as: Renner, Riachuelo and Lider Magazine. Soon we’ll be at C & A and Marisa.

11 – How are Lola products displayed in department stores?

Department stores are expanding their beauty portfolio. We will enter the same way  as in other stores: in the perfumery session, with a display.

12 – Does the company work with the new demands of the consumer regarding sustainability, protection of the seas?

In 2017, we signed a partnership with the Eu Reciclo label to recycle, through reverse logistics, the packaging that the company places in the environment. In 2017, there were 5 thousand tons of polypropylene. The partnership with the eureciclo Seal is another step in Lola’s mission to offer quality products that do not harm the environment.

With this, the brand began to use the seal that proves and informs about the compliance of the National Policy of Solid Waste in its products. Eu Reciclo is the first reverse logistics certifier in Brazil, capable of providing a transparent service and connecting companies, cooperatives and the final consumer.

13 – How many are the brand concept stores? In what states are they and what do they sell?

They are concept stores, in Rio (a shopping center and a kiosk in another mall), in São Paulo (two stores – in two different shopping malls) and in Brasilia (also in a shoppping mall). We sell the complete portfolio of Lola Cosmetics, hair line, body and makeup line Oh! Maria.