1. Has U.SK Dermatology become a brand of dermatology ? Does it still being on cosmetics? Does it continue being of cosmetics?
U.SK was born from a partnership with a dermatologist to serve the dermatology market. The idea has evolved into groups of dermatologists who help us with insights to develop products and services that add value to their daily lives. We added our expertise in R&D and MKT by contacting a good team. Today the company’s top executives came from renowned skin care companies.


2. When and where was the release of Skin Savers?

O lançamento oficial do Skin Savers ocorreu no início de agosto em São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, no final de setembro, em eventos realizados no Trio Pérgola e no Museu do Amanhã, respectivamente. Foram eventos em que reunimos os principais médicos nas áreas de cada um dos 6 produtos da linha. Suas formulações e os primeiros resultados obtidos em protocolos foram desenvolvidos por dermatologistas renomados.


3. What’s the idea behind Skin Savers?

The purpose of Skin Savers is to deliver what the skin or hair needs. They are formulations that combine classics of dermatology with what there is of most modern in terms of cosmetic actives and the exact place where they should act. This requires dermatologists use specific technology or instruments to Drug Delivery.


4. Are the six products of the Skin Savers line designed for the Drug Delivery method of product penetration? To what kind of product Drug Deliveries are used for?

The method is already well used by dermatologists throughout Brazil, however, for delivery were used products of domestic use, which were not formulated for this purpose, or manipulated products. Our proposal was to offer an industrialized option in a modern formulation, providing maximum effectiveness and safety.


5. Is the brand being sold in other countries? Which ones?

Our cosmetics are sold in the United States and soon we will be in Portugal and Switzerland.


6. The U.SK brand, which has a Research Center in Italy, was missing for a while here in Brazil. What directions did the brand take?

We have rethought our strategies and plans, but our purpose of Transforming Science into Self-Esteem and the goal of being one of the leading global brands in Skin Care, helping Dermatologists to care for their patients, remain the same.


7. Is there any brand expansion strategy in other countries?

Yes, our ambition is to be a Global brand, we start operations in the largest market, which is the American, our next step is Europe.


8. And how about in Brazil? Does this Dermatology division have perspectives?

Certainly, we have rethought our entire plan, from supply chain to portfolio to go to market. Our perspective is to be closer to our target, which are dermatological clinics.


9. Will U.SK or Dermatology’s cosmetics line include makeup, a strong market in Brazil?

Not in the short term, our essence is anti aging products, a category where you can differentiate yourself by science and effectiveness, this is our core in the short term.


10. Does U. SK have distributors all over the country? And in Latin America? In which countries?

In Latin America only in Brazil. Outside, in the US and soon in Europe.