1 – Who is the Zetaffox and what kind of services it offers?

Zettafox is a company (spun-off from Deloitte), focused on helping their clients maximize the insights and value they can derive from business data. It is a disruptive start-up specialized in the extraction of knowledge from big data, with its own technology of machine learning: our technology completes predictive learning using new machine learning techniques based on prescriptive learning. Predictive answers the question WHO and our prescriptive approach answers the question of WHY? And HOW? It produces a high value insight which is capable of associating a specific actionable lever to a specific cluster of customers.

The founders (Marc Atallah, Luis Belmar Letelier and Patrick Zerbib) started business as an analytic platform in 2008 called Caritat Strategic Analytics Group, acquired by Deloitte in 2012, working in the UK, South America, especially in Peru and Brazil. In 2015, we founders spun off from Deloitte to create Zettafox in France.

Basically we continued to work with fragrance houses and their clients as well, like Givaudan, ELC, Christian Dior, Coty. But we also started to serve other industries like banking/insurance, or telecommunications.

The company is based in Paris with an R&D team in France and Poland and data scientists working in Europe, Japan, UAE, US. Zettafox mainly focuses on customer needs finding insights that they cannot find using traditional techniques and we find to them new applications like in Sensory for perception analysis.

2 – Which kind of data Zettafox uses?

Data comes from consumer tests. Zettafox completes these tests by adding to them the formula, which is a combination of data that makes the product more interesting to the consumers. This data is analyzed using Zettafox’s specific algorithms to come up with prescriptive ingredient combinations maximizing the studied perception.

For instance: we have been working on moisturizing creams, and their perception for our clients from fragrance houses. We are trying to push now new applications on technical encapsulation, addiction or long lastingness…

For example encapsulation when integrated in a detergent will give the possibility to produce a different scent when the clothes are rubbed, or during ironing… For a shampoo this could produce a second effect when people comb their hair or when pushing your hair with your hands etc… There are multiple applications which can be defined using their machine learning techniques.
Also the ingredient combination analysis can also be done on consumer attributes with associated ingredient combinations. This provides a common language between R&D and Insights teams.

3 – What is the differential from Zetaffox big data system to other market data analysis agencies?

Our R&D teams invented the technology we built and continues to do research in the prescriptive analysis field finding new ways of answering the questions of Why and How to better understand consumer perceptions and behavior. The insights we find come from interesting combinations of attributes and/or ingredients/compounds.

This does not mean the perfumer work can be replaced. No machine can replace the sensitivity of the perfumers but it helps them in their decision making process for more targeted creation. It will help them be more efficient as far as they use many scents and have infinite combination possibilities. Zettafox’s work is to provide them with a guidance, a direction. For example in some recent work with perfumers, Zettafox has managed to reduce a formula from 250 active ingredients to only 6 based on a minimum number of scents.

4 – What Zettafox could offer to big companies that are facing huge concurrence, besides a political crisis in the country? Or What Zettafox and its systems of big data can do when the matter is political?

Two things: data smart data and measurable insights. Zettafox helps companies better understand consumer behavior. Thanks to Big Data and Smart data (specific data based on consumer panels or expert panels) we are able to provide measurable insights for consumer behavior helping companies make the right strategic market decisions and consumer decisions. These information can even reveal a nascent activity, niche’s that have never been detected before from a consumer perspective for attribute perception and also from an ingredient standpoint to make better fragrances and products. Besides helping to compress and optimize formulas, as told in the previous question

5 – Do you work only to big corporations?

Zettafox works with large corporations but also with small fragrance houses/creators, start-ups and multinationals. Its goal is to offer precise solutions to issues related to corporate strategies and guide strategy, enabling the implementation of the information provided by the analysis of forecasts.
Our method is to collect characteristic data in order to identify, as much as possible, all the elements that can influence consumer behavior. This is the point where resellers play a crucial role. And the role of business is to expand the ways to connect with their consumers.
6 – What insights Zettafox specific algorithms can bring ?

They link R&D to Marketing/Customer Insights using their specific prescriptive analytics technology. It helps better understand consumer perception from a market standpoint, linking briefs to perceptions and ingredient combinations from a R&D standpoint. In fine fragrance for instance we work on Liking, Purchase Intention or specific attribute combinations but also on larger issues like addiction to increase loyalty (what makes a person want to wear their fragrance everyday) or technical aspects like Long Lasting, encapsulation etc…
7 – A prescriptive ingredient can alter a market briefing?

Yes. It would actually be the combination of ingredients with a hidden effect which will alter a market briefing or make it more precise.