Rohto Mentholatum, Japanese-based group of products for the health and cosmetics, brings to Brazil its largest Hada Labo® skin care brand, considered the most popular in Asia and number 1 in Japan for over ten years. years.

The meaning of the brand name is ‘skin lab’ because it bets on formulas. Brings the concept of healthy skin with minimalistic formulas and high quality. Formulas bring a combination of selected and effective assets, and the exemption of unnecessary substances such as dyes and fragrances.

Packaging is simple and the prices affordable. The idea is to promote a daily skin care routine that be a reality for many people.

The initial portfolio in Brazil has five products recommended for all skin types, divided into lines Gokujyun and Shirojuyn. Highlights include the award-winning Gokujyun Lotion – the brand’s bestselling product with a flask sold every two seconds in Japan, according to the company’s matrix data – and the Gokujyun Oil Cleansing and Face Wash wipers that make up the dual method of cleansing used by the Asian women.

The focus of the brand is hydration based on the use of hyaluronic acid an action against wrinkles and fine lines. Found in nanoparticle format and in three different types, it is combined with other assets to deliver the best result.

The formulas are totally free of fragrance, mineral oil, ethyl alcohol and dyes, and dermatologically tested.

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