Beginning from December 4, 2019, Kao Corporation (Michitaka Sawada, President) will be releasing Biomimesis Veil, a lineup of three skincare items from the prestige cosmetic brand est: an essence (¥12,000), a small, high-performance cosmetic diffuser, (¥50,000), and a cosmetic liquid (¥8,000).

This is the first practical application of “Fine Fiber Technology,” a new method a new method for wrapping skin with a thin membrane composed of an extremely thin fiber that can create artificial skin that can be used to hide facial marks.

est Biomimesis Veil is a special two-stage care applied as the final step of night skincare. First, the user blends the Veil Effector (essence) into the skin. Next, she sets her Veil Diffuser (small high-performance device) with the Veil Potion (cosmetic liquid) and sprays it gently over her skin. Once applied, the potion blends into an ultra-thin, translucent veil of a superfine fiber that stays in place overnight like a second skin and is peeled away the next morning. The veil helps to protect against dryness and maintain a moisture-rich environment, replenishing the skin with ample moisture during sleep.

The company is also planning to target more niches, such as makeup and / or medical products, as the product is capable of making invisible bruises and scars when combined with the liquid and healing wounds.

Biomimesis Veil will first be released from December 2019 at six department stores in Japan and at Beauty Base by Kao, a store run directly by Kao in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Kao will begin distributing them stepwise to other major department stores in Japan from 2020. In the Asian market, est Biomimesis Veil will be introduced in stages at duty-free stores in South Korea and major sales outlets through Kao Hong Kong, Kao Singapore and Kao China.

The items will also be sold through cross-border e-commerce in China, starting from January 2020.