Johnson & Johnson
has created a site to divulge the products of its Clean & Clear line to the youth public.

The site, created and developed by the Tribo Interactive agency with participation of DM9DDB, bets on the modern design, bringing information in a dynamic way. The new page will be divulged through the Internet, in other six sites for youths, besides the MSN Messenger.

One of the detaches of the site are Teengos Clean & Clear, a tool that allows an interactive game where the users can reach funny characters, choosing the face, eyes, hair, clothes and accessories. When ready, they can be used to personalize the MSN Messenger.

Soon the Teengos could be sent to friends through the cell phone. Besides, the page will count with other attractive, such as weekly stories about beauty, health and welfare, besides virtual gifts, such as icons and wall papers and tips about how to use the product.