Hair care is on the rise among Brazilians. According to a study by agency of consume Kantar Worldpanel, the basket of shampoos, after-shampoos and hair dyes rose 4.5% in the 12 months ending in August of this year, compared to the same period in 2017. According to the survey , 818 million units were purchased, generating R $ 8 billion. The penetration of products reached 96%, which is equivalent to 52 million households. Women continue to be the biggest consumers of hair products, while among men the highest consumption is of perfumery products.

Kantar Worldpanel’s research also reveals that hair products are commonly shared in the country – 68% for shampoos and 62% for post-shampoos. When choosing personal care items, the Brazilian takes into account, for the most part, the good fragrance and the price-quality ratio.

The data also indicate the types of hair: straight hair is the majority, with 34.3%. The corrugated, slightly, 27.4% and fully corrugated, 16.4%.

In relation to length, 23.2% of Brazilians have long hair and 23.8% are very short. Regarding coloring, blond hair, previously preferred among women, has been losing space throughout the country, reinforcing the trend of a search for the natural, previously detected by the global expert in consumer behavior.