Knowlton Development Corporation  (“KDC / ONE”), a network of formulators and manufacturers for beauty, health and personal care brands, today announced the acquisition of ALKOS Group (“ALKOS”), one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in France.

Headquartered in Paris, the ALKOS Group includes INTER Cosmétiques, SAGAL Cosmétiques and ALKOS Cosmétiques whose portfolio includes products in makeup, skin care, cosmetic pencils, cosmetic pencils and perfumed soaps for the world’s leading cosmetic brands.

The ALKOS Group employs more than 400 full-time employees in three facilities. Provides KDC / ONE an expanded global presence in the cosmetics industry. According to Nicholas Whitley, president and CEO of KDC / ONE, the acquisition will diversify the customer base, take advantage of cross-selling opportunities and deliver benefits to shareholders.

“The ALKOS Group has deep roots in the cosmetics industry, an excellent reputation for quality and product innovation, and a customer-focused vision that will give KDC / ONE strategic access to the European market and unique technologies that reinforce our position as a leader in beauty. prestige, “he said.

ALKOS Group founder Gérard Gieux said: “With the KDC / ONE, the ALKOS Group will have access to the capital necessary to continue to make essential investments in its business and products, enter new markets with a reliable partner that shares similar values for ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the ALKOS Group “.
The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.