The Brazilian brand Kion Cosmetics, of natural and vegan products, developed with the rare kimberlite clay, won on July 20, the International Business Magazine‘s main award – The Winner 2019 Trophy Awards -, for technological innovation, in Tarrytwon. North of Manhatan, NY. The executives of the company Alan de Oliveira, Urandir Fernandes, Luciano Didier and Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira received the award.

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, president of BKC, stressed, upon receiving the trophy, that the award was not only a recognition of the active’s high standard of innovation and exclusivity, but also provided ‘”an excellent branding tool for the brand, opening the door for new negotiations in the international market ”.

Internatinal Business Magazine awards are globally recognized and its subscriber base is far-reaching, giving Kion Cosmetics projection for the brand, originating from Corginho, Mato Grosso do Sul, from where Kimberlite clay is extracted.

With a wide range of facial, body and hair products, Kion Cosmetics products feature innovative and effective technology for wrinkle treatment, whitening, cleansing, moisturizing and reducing measures.

Three years ago in the market, the brand was presented at international fairs and attracted the attention of international premium brands, generating exports before domestic marketing and large-scale production. Kion is now marketed in shopping centers such as London, Dubai, New York and Beverly Hills.

Future executives want to export to Asian markets, particularly China and Thailand, and expand in the United States, where they already operate. In Brazil, the forecast is to open about 60 kiosks and stores in the main malls in the country. There is currently a kiosk in operation at Shopping Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.