The Brazilian Kosmoscience Group, one of the leading experts in the development of scientific precision methods in the evaluation of products for the personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics markets, has just acquired the GETS Laboratory in Santana do Parnaíba, São Paulo.

GETS Laboratory is Brazilian and also specialized on Regulatory Affairs. Kosmoscience Group has acquired only the laboratory, which is used as a benchmark in accelerated stability testing of cosmetic products and already provides services to companies worldwide.

“By adding this expertise to the work already developed at Kosmoscience, it will be possible to triple the number of attendances and present fairer offers and even more competitive prices to the market,” said Adriano Pinheiro, executive director of Grupo Kosmoscience.

With the acquisition, the company now has three work units – Valinhos, Campinas and Santana do Parnaíba – and will carry out physical and chemical analyzes necessary for the study of accelerated stability (pH, density, viscosity, sensorial parameters, etc.) climatic and photo stability tests for the storage of samples, meeting the requirements of Stability Guide for Cosmetic Products of ANVISA, Brazilian surveillence agency.

The acquisition meets the growth strategy of the company to supply the demands of the market. In the coming months Kosmoscience will invest in infrastructure improvement and deploy the analytical division for metering and substance stability operations, as well as integrating teams with good laboratory practice.