The Brazilian company La Façon, already associates beauty to nature respect, with the launch of hydrating which flasks uses the technology Oxybiodegradable, supplied by RES Brasil

The technology is based on the introduction of a small amount of additive pr-degrading during the production process which allows that the plastic degrades when its programmed utility life ends. It is when the additive reduces the molecular structure to a level that allows the access of micro organisms to the carbon and hydrogenium³; the plastic is consumed for bacteria and fungous. The material then is not anymore plastic and becomes food, transforming itself on CO2, water and humus.

With this packaging, the Econatural hydrating flasks will initiate its degradation process in 2 years from the producing date.

The hydrating line is an extension of the products line with natural actives and 100% vegetable mass. The line, launched in 2005, includes soaps made with oils extracted form the fruits pulp, without using solvents or other chemical substances.

“Econatural line was created for people that searches the welfare and the beauty, but with an attitude of respect to the nature, buying products from companies that have the same compromise”, says Miriam Penteado Kuhlmann, La Façon executive director.

The hydrating have 4 different scents: Fruits and Cereals, with Almond, Olive and Brazil Nut oils, Cupuaçu and Karite butters, Orange Essential Oil, Acerola, Oat and soy Proteins Extracts.

Leafs and Roots includes the same actives, but the Essential Oil is Lemon grass and the Extracts are Ginger and Gingseng.

Nuts and Almonds contains Almond and Brazilian nut Oils, Karite butter, Hazel nut and Coffee Extract de and the scent Cacao, Honey and Vanilla is compounded by Almond, Olive and Brazil Nut oils, Karite Butter, Cacao Extracts, Honey and Vanilla.

La Façon hydrating arrives to the market with the price of $ 22.
SAC: 3085-5208.