The B Corp seal certifies companies that are concerned not only with business growth, but also with human and of the planet development, and Laboratory Expanscience, owner of the Mustela brand, has just received it. From now on, the company integrates a global network of organizations that associate economic growth with good social practices for all those involved in its activities.

Expanscience meets stringent standards of transparency, accountability, and performance to redefine success in the business. A few years ago, the laboratory, which produces the first Dermo-Baby brand in Brazil, develops its products in a way that minimizes possible impacts on the environment: their packaging are recyclable, the paper used for them comes from sustainably managed forests , the formulas with rinsing are biodegradable, among other actions.

Expanscience also maintains Mustela Foundation, fostering studies focused on the development of children and their parents around the world. Among other actions, the foundation supports professionals and students in the areas of psychology, sociology, psychiatry, pediatrics, among other specialties, through scholarships and research. In 36 years, more than 150 projects were contemplated.

The B Corp seal is part of a movement that began in 2006 in the United States and, to be part of this group, companies undergo a rigorous process. Conceived by B Lab, the organization brings together companies that believe that it is possible to generate products and profit based on social and environmental development.